Bobby Kimmel  | President/Chief Executive Officer

Bobby began his professional career by serving in the Air Force during Operation Desert Storm. While on active duty, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University. After returning from active duty, Bobby began a career in the government arena as both a Systems and Database Engineer while continuing to serve his country in the Reserves. Bobby has used the knowledge gained from his 25+ years of experience to create EMTAK, which is an acronym for the names of his children. As the former owner and founding member of another successful Intelligence Community (IC) company, Bobby’s goal is to exceed his former successes by surrounding himself with like-minded individuals and professionals that challenge and motivate him to improve his processes every day so that he can in turn challenge and motivate those around him to do the same.

Jeremy Wallis  | Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy Wallis is an Electrical Engineer with 19 years of experience providing technical support on government contracts. He is responsible for the overall technical direction of EMTAK as well as working with customers to meet their mission needs. Jeremy provides support to EMTAK personnel and works to ensure employees identify and obtain their long-term professional growth goals.


Leah Hargest  | Talent Acquisition Manager

Leah brings over 25+ years of administrative experience in various capacities such as sales and marketing, accounting, customer service, office manager, and executive support. She has also been a licensed REALTOR for the past 9+ years. She has an innate ability to get along with a wide variety of people by taking a sincere interest in others which allows her to build trust and credibility through her desire to understand their needs. She is ready, willing, and able to help others become more effective and successful.